Since our inception in 1960, we have always emphasised on developing and nurturing our team players. We ensure that our representatives are able to carry the HRC branding in all forms of communication with our partners, our vendors and the market at large.

Our talent, from our engineers to our marketing team, and all the way to our skilled workers have the needed expertise to allow them to pinpoint and deliver solutions that are required by our customers. We do this in order to give our customers the satisfaction and the reliability they have come to associate with our brand. It has been our priority, and will continue to be, that all of our vendors, customers and partners be able to depend on us to deliver the best solution to their refined products demand.

As we progress further, we will always place talent as our main priority. We are here to ensure that our facilities and services meet the needs of our customers even though we have grown exponentially. Our talented team will grow hand in hand with us and we will continue to be the go-to partner for the oil and gas industry.